Top 4 Luxury Cars of 2021 – Something for Everyone

Top 4 Luxury Cars of 2021 – Something for Everyone

People like driving and some people like to be driven. Sometimes, the car can do the driving for you, but only for a short while. But, driving does not always have to be a sporty experience, where you are every bit as involved and on the edge of the seat for all the duration of the ride.

This is why luxury vehicles exist and why people love them. They are quiet, often quick and a pleasure to drive and to be driven in. 2021 is upon us and there are some pretty nice luxury cars to choose from. Here are the best of them.

2021 Lexus LS

Lexus was built for the purpose of upsetting the European luxury car market and upset it did. It quickly became synonymous with luxury and what is more, reliability.

The 2021 Lexus LS is the flagship Lexus luxury experience, a sedan like no other. Its starting price is steep, 75000 dollars, but if one can purchase it, they should at least try one, for the sake of enjoying it.

2021 Volvo S90 T8

The T8 model is a wonder in terms of its construction, but when reliability comes into question, one starts wondering about its 2.0 inline 4 petrol, turbocharged AND supercharged engine, alongside a rear wheel electric engine. Yes, the car has everything, and is a plug in hybrid, as well as being pretty fast.

On the other end, the interior is as lovely as it can get and that is without mentioning Volvo’s history of safety.

2021 Tesla Model S

Tesla is another brand which a person must consider if their country has a developed electric car charging station network. In that case, the Model S is the car to get, if one wants a luxury sedan.

Its price is an amusing 69420 dollars, but it is a price worth paying for if one wants an almost autonomous vehicle that provides the user with a pleasant and whisper quiet experience on the road. 

2021 Mercedes-Benz S Class

The S Class has been a luxury name for years now and it still remains one. The problem with the S Class is that it expects its buyers to have an extra 100000 dollars on hand for the base version and even more if you want a better engine or extra options. While the car itself is a wonder to look at and drive, the price might deter most customers.

Cars are aplenty nowadays, in the used market as well as in the new market. The 2021 luxury models to have in mind are these 4, so check them out prior to checking out other possible candidates, of which there are many.