5 Tips for a Car Picnic – Have a Picnic Anywhere

5 Tips for a Car Picnic – Have a Picnic Anywhere

Picnics are fun and they are something that needs to be planned for in advance. Organizing a regular picnic is trouble enough for everyone, but when it needs to be a special type of picnic, then things can get really difficult.

Car picnics are a bit different from regular picnics because they require you to use your car and be in the car, at least most of the time. In order to make the best of a car picnic, here are a couple of ideas and tips on how to do it properly.

Find Great Scenery – It’s About the Location

A car picnic means that you can use your vehicle to find a really good location. Depending on what you have access to, you can choose anything from a lake, mountain, beach, and everything in between. The location should have some sort of overlook, if possible, because that gives you quite the scenery to look at, no matter where you are in the world.

Do not go to a certain location at all costs. Sometimes, there should be a compromise, like a safe location, in terms of road quality, as well as one which provides you with a good view. Consult locals to find a perfect one.

Prepare Food and Drinks – The Essentials of Picnics

A picnic is nothing without food and drinks. Depending on what the other person/people like, you can plan for their tastes. Do you have vegetarians or vegans with you? If you do, then make sure to have snacks and food which will suit them.

If you are picnicking on a hot day, make sure not to bring something which will go bad in the heat or rather, bring portable fridges and cooler bags, to serve the food and drinks the way they are supposed to. Bring a small grill, electric or otherwise, if you plan on making a meal on-site. Whatever the case, plan ahead.

Batteries and Chargers – And Enough Fuel

A picnic can be even more entertaining if you have batteries and chargers. These will keep the fun going, particularly if you have music planned. You should also have enough fuel to go back and then some if you plan on using the car’s stereo as a means of listening to music.

Mobile phones and other portable devices need their charging so bring power banks and portable car chargers.

Activities – Ball Sports, Board Games, and Even Laptops

Nowadays, there are car adapters for laptops, so technically, you could even be gaming with your friends while having a picnic somewhere. Ball sports are an easy way of bonding and having fun with a group of friends, while also getting some exercise and burning some calories.

Board games are always fun, particularly if your particular group of people has a favorite.

Comfort – Blankets, Cushions and Clothes

Wherever you might be going, whether you are going to sit in the car or elsewhere on the ground, make sure to have blankets, cushions, and everything in between to make the trip as comfortable as possible. 

Bring extra clothes, for yourself and other people if they have not planned in advance. By doing this, you will make sure that they have a great time, no matter what. Comfort should be a factor in picnicking.

Follow these tips and your picnic, even the first time, will be much better.