5 Cars Like the Fiat 500 – Small and Affordable

5 Cars Like the Fiat 500 – Small and Affordable

Some people prefer having a large, full-size luxury sedan or a gigantic SUV like the Toyota Land Cruiser, but not everybody can afford to have such a car. When price is not the issue, another one presents itself, size. Nobody wants to have a large truck or sedan in a city where finding a parking spot can be as challenging as it gets.

This is where small cars do the trick. They are cheap and great for the wallet, as well as any parking lot. The Fiat 500 is one such car. But what if you dislike Fiat and want another brand? Here are some alternatives.

Toyota Aygo

Toyota has always been inventing and reinventing vehicles. The Aygo is a small car which comes in with a 1.0 inline 3 petrol engine. It is a great car to purchase if all you want to do is drive around a city. Small and packed with features, with a price which should not break the bank account, the Aygo is a great choice.

Toyotas are known for their reliability, so that should also be in mind.

Dacia Sandero

Not everybody wants a fancy car with a fancy brand name. Dacia is for those who want utility before anything. The base model skips on some things, so upgrading immediately is recommended. Sanderos come with 3 year warranties and a bang for your buck which you are unlikely to find elsewhere.

Volkswagen Up

The Up has been one of the better inventions and additions to the VW range of vehicles. The Up has great features and can be upgraded to be better than most cars in its range. However, once you add all the extras, you are getting to the price of the Polo, which for some might be a better choice.

Hyundai i10

The i10 is one of those cars which you might look over because you are more familiar with brands like VW and Toyota.

However, this car is something to purchase if you add the extras, to get the air conditioning and modern features. Have in mind that the car has been voted as one of the best ones over multiple years so have Hyundai in mind.

Peugeot 108

The 108 is one of the only cars which comes with a touch screen infotainment system, something that other cars have, but if you add more money to the initial price. It comes in two engine sizes and offers everything you might want in a city car, and more, given its initial level of equipment.

City cars have their own market and they are becoming more popular. This is a list of city cars to consider, alternatives to the Fiat 500.