6 Best Car Blogs – Get in Touch with Your Inner Petrolhead

6 Best Car Blogs – Get in Touch with Your Inner Petrolhead

Car people love cars, obviously but that can also stretch to any kind of motorized vehicles, from jets to motorcycles. A petrolhead loves almost anything fast, with an internal combustion engine. With that in mind, car people love watching YouTube channels which review cars, test cars and give opinions on cars, as well as provide people with repair tips.

What if YouTube is not your cup of tea and you like to read instead of some reading? Well, there are plenty of car blogs which you can visit and brush up on your car skills. Here are some of the best car blogs to visit.


Autoblog is one of those blogs which has a rich history. If you want to learn about everything car-related, this is the blog to visit.

Oh yes, they have plenty of visitors, around 6 million on a monthly basis.

A site which has that many visitors must update its content on a regular basis. That keeps the site interesting for new visitors and those who want car news and guides on a regular basis.

Openbay Blog

If you want tips on how to maintain your car, fix it and keep it as clean as possible, this is the blog to visit. People gather here and share invaluable information on how to keep your car healthy and how to avoid paying more money than you should and even how to do some repairs on your own. The DIY community is always a good place to be in.

Car Throttle Blog

Car Throttle has a very active YouTube channel where three guys make fun videos with new, old, expensive and cheap cars. The CT blog is a place to visit if you want to meet other petrolheads and get advice on whichever problem ails you. The forums are maintained by experts so you will likely get good information.


Carkiller is an interesting site, with a name that is exactly the opposite of what you expect to find on the site. The site belongs to one Scotty Kilmer, who is a car mechanic of 50+ years of experience and has a very popular YouTube channel.

Scotty also has a site where you can ask him questions directly and he will provide you with all the answers you might need for your specific car/vehicle problem.


Eric is another known quantity in the world of mechanics and those who can teach you how to take care of your car. Not every blog should be about expensive vehicles and new cars that are reserved for oil princes. 

From changing hoses to taking out an engine, Eric has tutorials on just about everything. Visit his blog to learn more about taking care of your car, yourself.

The Garage Blog

This blog will take you on a journey of cars, all over the world. There are many car shows and people often cannot visit them in person. Gary Grant can take you there, as well as show you his own extensive collection of vehicles.

Car blogs are plentiful and one can browse the internet for days and still not get enough of them, not to mention find the right one. This list should help you narrow down your search and find the right car blog for you, whether you are into repair or new and shiny cars.