5 Hacks for Cleaning Your Car

5 Hacks for Cleaning Your Car

A car is only as good as its owner maintains it. Having mechanical issues is normal on a used car and the car has to be either taken to an expert for maintenance, or you could do it yourself if you had the knowhow and a place to work, as well as the necessary tools.

But, repair work is one thing, and having a clean car is another. Cleaning your car should be a regular activity, but not once a year, more likely, once a month or every two weeks, depending on where you live.

Cleaning your car does not have to be extremely laborious, so here are a couple of tips on how to clean your car more efficiently.

Use Brushes to Clean Air Ducts

Imagine cleaning the rest of your car, only to turn on the AC again and have the car filled with dust. Air ducts should be cleaned and if you have no idea how to do it, then get a brush. Makeup brushes or any kind of brush which can fit will do a good job. It is also recommended to start your cleaning from the ducts and then move to the rest of the car, vacuuming and dusting.

One can also use compressed air to help clean the dust out of the ducts. Be careful not to breathe in as you press on that can.

Clean the Glass in Two Different Ways

Everybody knows of that one problem when you clean glass and then dry it, only to see a streak somewhere. Car glasses can be and should be cleaned from both sides. When you come to the drying part of the cleaning, you can clean one side horizontally and the other vertically. This way, you will know which side you need to dry again to get rid of that pesky streak.

Wash the Car Every Two Weeks

Washing the car will not get rid of the car’s paint job. Not washing the car, however, can deteriorate the paint job. Every two weeks, one should wash their car in order to keep it clean and safe from any damage. Applying a wax or polish at the end of a wash is recommended, to keep the paint fresh, and keep it from getting cracks.

Lining the Cup Holders

Cup holders can be extremely annoying to clean for a multitude of reasons, particularly if they are in a hard place to reach. Now, lining the cup holders makes it much easier to clean them. Using a silicone pad will solve most of the problems with cup holder cleaning.

Remove the pad, rinse it, wipe it clean, and put it back in the cupholder. This way, no grime should actually reach the bottom of the holder, making the cleaning process easier.

Avoid Washing in Direct Sunlight and Heat

Having the car washed in direct sunlight on a very hot day will make the washing process difficult. Parts of the car will be dried faster than others and the heat will also interact with the chemicals, making the entire process a nuisance.

Find shade, or wash on a cooler day, or inside, if there is such an option.

Cleaning your car can be much easier if you follow these tips. There are plenty of others if you want to go more in-depth so be on the lookout for those. In the meantime, keep your car clean.