Go-Kart Driving for Beginners – Learn Go Karting in Advance

Go-Kart Driving for Beginners – Learn Go Karting in Advance

Some sports can only be practiced out in the fields, while others, you can practice in advance, or rather, get to know certain things, so that you don’t end up going in without any knowledge whatsoever. 

Go karting is a very fun way of learning how to drive, one that many professional drivers have used to become the winners we know them to be. Karting can also be a great hobby if one wants to race and spend time with their friends. If you want to start go karting, here are a couple of tips to get you started, hopefully without much trouble.

Sit Correctly – This is Very Important

Yes, yes, it is a very basic thing, but one which many people fail at doing right. The correct seating position is important to learn early on, both in karting and in regular driving. It could save your life, for starters. Secondly, it gives you an advantage, one of health over a long period of time, as well as comfort during driving.

Never hunch forward and always have your back rested against the seat. Keep your head on the headrest, because a fast acceleration might put strain on your neck or send your head crashing into the headrest.

Symmetric Steering Wheel Hand Placement

Your hands will be doing lots of work while you are driving. They should be placed symmetrically on the steering wheel, anywhere between 10 and 2 or 9 and 3 will do the trick, as long as it is symmetric. 

Remember, this is not a joyride and steering with one hand can reduce your control and the wheel might slip, sending you into an uncontrollable spin, most likely a crash.

Straight Lines Rather than Fancy Turns

Even though one might be tempted to make aggressive turns and be fancy and dramatic, this is an easy way to crash and even endanger others. The fastest way to win is by going straight. Overtaking other racers is encouraged, but not through some over the top turns and drifts, but rather through skill and keeping a straight line, so as to go faster than the opponent.

Smooth and Steady – No Sudden Movements

While one might be tempted to drive like they do in the Fast and the Furious, you will not win a race by doing so. This is not a drift race, but a standard circuit race where you have to maintain momentum at all times. One of the best ways of doing so is by not changing your speed drastically.

This means approaching turns with the right speed, and braking only as much as you need, in order to get through the turn, while not endangering yourself or others. Maintaining momentum is a very good way of ensuring you win the race.

Follow the Rules – Seriously

Every race track will have some ground rules which you will have to follow. Break the rules and you will most likely be banned from the track. This is something you want to avoid, if you want to keep karting. Another thing to note is that breaking the rules more often than not puts people in danger. Have that in mind and listen to the staff.

Karting does not have to be this scary first time experience. With these tips, it should be a much more pleasant first race.