Drive to Survive – A TV Show Summary

Drive to Survive – A TV Show Summary

Who would have thought that there would be TV show documentaries about racing and that people would love them? Well, Netflix did, obviously, as they have a 3 season-long TV show running, called Formula 1: Drive to Survive. 

Everybody wants to be a Formula 1 driver at some point, but not everybody is aware of what that actually takes, and not the driving part, but everything in between the races, particularly what drivers, team owners and managers go through every season. Here is a brief summary of one of many Netflix wonders.

Why Formula 1 in the First Place?

The answer is simple, Formula 1 is very popular and both drivers and managers and even team owners are becoming involved with their fans meaning more exposure to non Formula 1 fans. Sponsorships from large companies help and also bring exposure to Formula 1 but given how Formula 1 was extremely popular for at least 3 decades, the show was deemed to be well-received and that it was.

It follows the lives of everyone involved in Formula 1 from drivers to management, so strap yourself in for a wild ride, and not the kind you were expecting.

How Many Seasons? – Who’s Involved

The show is a joint-venture between Formula 1 and Netflix and it is produced by James Gay-Rees, Paul Martin and Sophie Todd. The show has 3 seasons, starting from the 2018 season and covering 2019 and 2020. Each of the seasons has 10 episodes and they deal with various drivers and teams.

You will recognize a lot of names on the list, Kimi Raikonnen, Fernando Alonso, Daniel Ricciardo to name a few. There are plenty of owners, managers and behind the scenes giant who you will get to meet for the first time.

Who Should Watch This? – Not Just Fans

The world of Formula 1 is a tough one, as we have learned through the years. The strain it puts on the body is enormous but the strain of living a life as a professional racer, team manager, owner or even engineer is something not many people consider. This is the right documentary for everybody who wants to take a peek at how professional racing looks like. Be sure that it might be similar with other professional racing types, but to a lesser degree, given Formula 1’s popularity all over the world. An avid fan will most certainly enjoy a closer look at what their favorite racers do behind the scenes but newcomers might also enjoy it, to familiarize themselves with something foreign, in a very detailed and intricate manner.

Will there be a Season 4? – The Future

Whenever a show gets good reception, there is always the question of whether there will be more seasons. In this case, there might be a positive answer. The show is praised for giving insight into Formula 1, both to fans who are already familiar with how things work, and even more so for new fans, who have become Formula 1 fans after watching.

With how the show has fared, there very well might be a season 4, but only time will tell.