5 YouTubers that Do Car Reviews – Get Their Opinions

5 YouTubers that Do Car Reviews – Get Their Opinions

With cars that come and go, you never know what you are getting unless you actually try or own the car. That is problematic, because as an individual, most of us have no access to expensive cars or even cheap cars and cannot ask owners or car lots to try cars for a year or a day, even.

On the other hand, media and reviewers can do just that. YouTube is a powerful platform for content creators and in the case of cars, one of the best ones if you want to get someone’s opinion. Here are some of the best YouTuber that do car reviews. Consider watching them prior to purchasing a new or used car.

RegularCars – Regular Car Reviews

Not everybody wants or can purchase a 1000 horsepower monster. Some would like to own one or rather, drive one, but in reality, most of us can purchase regular vehicles. RegularCars does just that, reviewing regular vehicles which most of us can purchase and own and not just new ones. They tend to focus on the older vehicles, used cars which are deals or deal breakers.

There is a very special sense of humor involved in every video so some might be offended, if they expected straight up praising of their favorite oldie.

Donut Media – Cars Dissected

Donut Media is a channel devoted to cars and the love of everything fast and terrific. Donut Media focuses on vehicles, old and new but does the reviews in a more documentary-like fashion. You will get to know the cars intimately, as well as the history of the vehicle and company, to an extent which will make you feel much more connected to the car in question.

It is a great channel if you want an in depth look at a variety of car topics.

Engineering Explained – Learning Cars with Jason

Jason Fenske is the man behind Engineering Explained, a channel where cars are literally explained to an everyday driver, everything from the clutch to the pistons, and in between. Jason always delivers great content, educational and entertaining. His own view of cars can be seen in the cars that he owns and the cars that he drives as a part of his reviews, a true petrolhead.

Car Throttle – The Adventures of Alex, Ethan and Jack

Three buddies, two car guys and a non-car guy purchase cars of every budget, review them, resell them, and turn them into off road sedans. You name it, they have done it and they will keep on producing amazing content.

Car Throttle is the car enthusiast’s channel, where reviews are done through very implicit humor and experiences of Alex, Ethan and Jack owning and driving various cars, from cheap to expensive, city cars to off road vehicles.

Scotty Kilmer – The Mechanic

There is nothing like an experienced mechanic yelling at people not to buy endless money pits, while also getting new cars and driving them, reviewing them, and giving people real and money saving advice. 

Scotty is for everyone who wants to learn about cars but also the industry, and what they should definitely never purchase.

These are some of the best YouTube channels that do car reviews. Consider visiting Doug DeMuro or Tavarish or Jay Leno’s Garage if you want to see more exotic content.