5 Great Books About Cars

5 Great Books About Cars

Cars and vehicles in general play a large part in our history and everyday life. People use cars to commute, have fun and even make a living, whether racing them or using them to transport other people.

Cars are great to look at, great to enjoy and be around. However, not everything has to be in person. There have been some great books about cars over the years. Why not experience cars from the perspective of an author? Here are some great car books to consider.

How Cars Work – Tom Newton

Knowing everything about cars is difficult, particularly when you have in mind that most engineers spend their lives learning and working, just to design a chassis, let alone an engine, or an exhaust system or a turbocharger.

How Cars Work is a beginner’s guide on how cars work, which should be self explanatory. Illustrated are the essential 250 parts of a car, as well as how they operate, including all the technical jargon one needs when getting into cars. It is a great book to start your car journey with.

The Art of the Automobile: 100 Greatest Cars – Dennis Addler

There is nothing like iconic vehicles and there have been plenty of them throughout history. Dennis Addler gives us his opinion on the 100 greatest cars in the history of cars, as well as his top 10 personal picks, the cars which shaped the industry and helped change the direction it was going. It is a great book with over 200 photos.

Drive On! A Social History of the Motor Car – L.J.K. Setright

Supercars are fun but also extremely expensive and out of reach for the majority of people. On the other hand, you have vehicles which are everyday classics, like a Corolla.

Drive On! covers how cars were made, but also what impact they and the ever-evolving industry had on society. It is a great book, witty but also pretty serious, covering topics which people often shy away from, rather wanting the bling. 

Car: The Definitive Visual History of the Automobile – DK Publishing

DK is a known brand and they never fail to deliver when it comes to guides and history. This book centers around cars and their visual history, as the name applies. You will learn plenty of things and see many iconic cars, as well as how they steered the industry this or that way. Designing cars is a form of art, as you will quickly realize after reading this book.

A Man & His Car: Iconic Car Stories from the Men Who Love Them – Matt Hranek

There is nothing like getting personal, with cars and their owners. From Jay Leno to the author himself, Matt Hranek, get to know how they treat their cars, as well as their car stories. The book, of course, is full of beautiful photos, for every car enthusiast to enjoy.

Being a car enthusiast is an everlasting journey, one where you can discover beauties where you never thought to find, including your own vehicle. Reading can be more than just entertaining and with these books, it is bound to be a trip worth taking.