4 Great Apps for Car Owners

4 Great Apps for Car Owners

Our digital age allows us many commodities which our predecessors have never had access to. For example, the internet gives us access to many things that were otherwise inaccessible. We can get information for free and we can get it right now, so long as we have internet access. And not only that; we can talk to our friends and family for free via various Apps, we can watch movies and even have fun online with websites like lotto-bonus-code.com.

Internet access also grants us something very practical, applications for our mobile devices. Having a car is much easier with mobile phone applications. Here are the best applications you can have for your car.

Google Maps

It goes without saying that navigation is important for everybody, particularly people who travel a lot. If you are travelling by car and not a particularly modern one, chances are that you are not going to have a fancy screen with Google Maps built in. This is where the regular application comes in handy. It will get you from point A to B, but it can also tell you where there are traffic jams and congestion, so that you can avoid areas where you might end up waiting for half an hour.

It is also handy because it is frequently updated, particularly when it comes to road work and alerts. It also has night mode, perfect for nighttime driving. 

Smart Dash Cam

This application is also a miracle which can save people a lot of money in situations where they might have otherwise been ripped off. Dash cams can be an expensive addon but they are essential when getting into a pickle, let alone an accident. They also dissuade police officers who tend to misuse their power a bit too often.

The application allows you to upload videos to YouTube, record without audio and everything that can save you space. Download it and save yourself a lot of money. Mind the storage, however.


When something goes wrong and the check engine light turns on, things get scary for most people. Well, not if you purchase a sensor by FIXD and download the corresponding application. With this, you can be sure that when a light turns on on your dashboard, you will immediately know what is wrong and what to tell the mechanic, saving yourself money in the long run. Not everybody is a car wizard and knows their vehicle top to bottom.


Everybody who drives knows that fuel has to be purchased at some point. Electric cars run differently, but they still need to be charged. For cars running on petrol and diesel this application is great. This application uses crowdsourcing to get the best prices for you. That means that people have to submit numbers and update the app on prices, but there is an incentive for doing so.

Every time you update prices you get points which can be later redeemed. A community-driven application is always a pleasure to use.

Car owners do not need plenty of applications but these 4 should be essential for anybody who wants to have their car safe and be ready for a road trip anywhere. With these 4, you might cover just about anything car-related you might need. Music apps are not included, which is up to personal choice.