4 Best F1 Drivers Ever

4 Best F1 Drivers Ever

There are only so many sports in this world and so many famous athletes and in the case of motorsports, drivers. Not all athletes are alike, and some rise to stardom, to be remembered for years and even decades to come.

Motorsports like Formula 1 are very popular and people who watch them often praise the drivers as much as they do the teams. The drivers do most of the hard work, on the track, especially. In F1, there could be a very long list of the greatest drivers, but to keep things short, here are the 4 best F1 drivers.

Ayrton Senna – A Wonder of a Driver

Senna was known as the racer that changed the way Formula 1 was driven. He was one of the most courageous drivers to have ever driven in F1. His driving skills could have been described as risky by some, but in reality, he just made the most out of his body and his car.

Senna also had something the other drivers lacked most of the time, charisma. Being a good driver is great, but being a good personality is almost a requirement in some sports, particularly in the eyes of the media.

Senna would have probably made more headlines, had he not died at the 1994 Monaco GP.

Michael Schumacher – A Daredevil

Schumacher won 7 world championships and plenty of races in between his pretty long career. He is to an extent synonymous with Ferrari, having won five consecutive titles with the team, from 2000 to 2004. 

His driving can be described best as controversial. Some would go as far as calling him dangerous and they might be right. His driving is always a matter of debate, particularly for those who like talking more than actual facts (number of titles won and records broken). A legend for sure, Michael Schumacher is.

Fernando Alonso

He was a driver for Ferrari, or rather, was one of their newer brand names. He succeeded Schumacher after he retired.

Not as many titles or world championships as Schumacher, but if the dice had turned differently, he could have had at least 5 more world championships.

Currently driving for Alpine-Renault, he continues to race and try to win more titles.

Lewis Hamilton

Hamilton’s name is currently buzzing in the F1 scene, and with a good reason, he is winning. He is still racing, and has been with Mercedes since 2013. His career with Mercedes is astonishing and he has 7 world championships, just like Schumacher, although many say that he won his titles in a much friendlier way, which was not as dangerous to the other drivers. Hamilton also has 98 titles which is more than Schumacher, and he is likely going to race more, and more than likely, win more.

These are some of the greatest F1 drivers, but the list is far from complete, with names like Juan Manuel Fangio, Niki Lauda, Jim Clark, Jackie Stewart and many more. F1 will more than likely have even more great names, so stay tuned and welcome new champions.