3 Best Car Gadgets You Should Have

3 Best Car Gadgets You Should Have

Everybody likes having their own car. It gives you a sense of freedom on the one hand, but on the other, it comes with some responsibility. Owning a car means you have to take care of it, at least so that it is road-legal. 

Cars are great on their own, but they can be made better with technology. Adding an item or two to your car will make it a lot better. Here are the best gadgets to consider getting for your car.

A Car Charger – Modern Essentials

Most modern cars come equipped with USB ports so that you can charge your phones with just a cable. Older cars have nothing of the sort. Older cars do have a 12V port into which a cigarette lighter is plugged in. Replace it with a charger of your choosing and you should be ready to take on the road, no matter where you go. There are even fast car chargers, so that it does not take an eternity to charge your phone.

Multimedia System – Another Modern Essential

Cars are often never driven in silence. We all like music, so most of us turn on the radio or listen to CDs, or rather, we use bluetooth to connect to the car and make it easier on ourselves. Having 20 CDs in your car can be a nuisance. 

Yet, older cars have no bluetooth or even the option for you to use a cable.

Cable mods can be made to almost any car, yet on the other hand, it is better to change the entire multimedia system in the center console. Find the one for your car, they often come with Android and all the things you would need for a car, from bluetooth to Google Maps or any other maps you choose to install.

A Tire Pump – Never Get Stuck Again

Having a spare tire is a must in all countries, yet nobody mentions having a pump. Pumps are a logical choice, because otherwise one would have to constantly check the tire pressure in the spare and keep it where it should be.

Tire pumps can be either mechanical or electric. Technology has gone far enough for us to have simple and effective electric pumps, which are plugged into the 12V port. This way, changing a tire becomes easier.

You could have any sort of car gadget, from vacuum cleaners to magnetic phone holders, but the three above are essential, or rather, one should always consider them first.