The gang thought it would be fun to show a few shots of the car being reconstructed. So, here they are.



All the finish work on the reproduced Peppmuller chassis was done by Dave Tuttle at California Chassis Engineering.


Tuttle's shop 1

The Frantic 4 gang visited CCE often to check on the progress and in this case, get Stormin' Normin' fitted to the seat.


Tuttle's shop 2


Tuttle's shop 3



body 1

After lining up the engine to the rear end Tuttle fabricated the new (old) body. Working off of 40 year old photos, he duplicated the original tin perfectly ... including the unique chute-pack tail section (below).





car done

Once the car was finished at Tuttle's. Lettering was by Bob Thompson and paint was by Carter.


car done 2


engine 1

When it came time to install the 354 between the framerails, what better engine hoist than a forklift!


engine 2




Almost done.



2001 CHRR

And the debut at the 2001 CHRR!


2001 CHRR



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