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On January 21st, 1963, four Southern California kids -- Ron Rivero and Norm Weekly of La Verne, and Jim Fox and Dennis Holding from Pomona joined forces. The team soon became known as "The Frantic Four". A name that was derived from the team's incredible performances with a small block Chrysler engine (354 and their "never say die" attitude in the pits and on the track. In 1963 alone the team established track records from Arlington, WA, throughout California to Henderson, NV. Before they were done the 'Frantic Four' moniker was a catch phrase throughout the United States.


Without question, one of the wildest and most photographed wheelie shots was of Norm Weekly in the "Frantic 4" A/FD against Don Moody in the "Golden Thing" AA/FD at the 1963 Winternationals.

While the other 'heavy hitters' of the time were running the bigger, more powerful 392 hemi, the Frantic Four stuck with the "little" 354 hemi and showed everyone that size didn't really matter. The team's accomplishments became legendary including top speed of the meet at the 1964 US Nationals at Indianapolis (202.24 MPH). They also held the Drag News #1 Fuel Spot with victories over such legends as Don Garlits, Don Prudhomme and Chris Karamesines. See: Frantic 4 Scrapbook

During the 1965 season, the team campaigned two cars. One was a factory supported car from Chrysler Corporation with a new 426 HEMI engine. This car was campaigned throughout the United States and logged 85,000 towing miles while compiling an 80% win record ... mostly in match race competition. The second car was sponsored by Keystone Wheel Corporation of Monterey Park, California. It was campaigned exclusively in the eastern part of the United States and driven by George Van and Ron Goodsell. This car ran a small block Chrysler engine and compiled a 75% win record.

Eventually going their own ways, over the years the guys held on to one common bond - that little 1962 Peppmuller car that put them on the map and established their nitch in drag racing history. That's where this story begins.

Fast forward to 2000. After several years of searching, it was determined that the original 1962 car was, like so many dragsters of the 60s, lost forever - probably cut up for scrap or used for dune buggy parts. So Dennis Holding decided to replicate the car and with the input and help of the other team members (Jim Fox engine) - he did a fine job. From start to finish the project took a year. Their target was to make the 2001 California Hot Rod Reunion in Bakersfield and in their typical "frantic" way, they did. See: New Car


For the first time in 38 years, "Stormin Norman" Weekly smokes the tires in the "Frantic 4" A/FD at the 2001 CHRR. Needless to say, the SRO crowd went wild. Tim Hanaseth photo

Sense their reincarnation in 2001, the team has gone through some changes (just like the old days). Due to other commitments, Dennis Holding sold the car to Randy, Katie and Hal Hargrave. Jim Fox, who built the engine now and then, is tied up with his business on the east coast and unable to spend time with the car. That leaves Norm Weekly and Ron Rivero to keep the legacy alive. Over the last three years the pair has traveled thousands of miles, to numerous events, thrilling an untold number of fans with static fire-ups and tire smoking burnouts. They hope to keep busy for some time to come "taking their act on the road" - and what an act it is.



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