These pages are literally the scrapbook Ron Rivero put together while in the US Army. This is not the definitive story of the Frantic 4, it just covers 1963 through early 1964.


NHRA A/FD Record 1963
The Teams first World Record


Team Shot 1962

Team Frantic 4 pose behind their most famous A/FD at San Gabriel in 1963. Dennis Holding, Jim Fox, Ron Rivero and Norm Weekly.


Team Shot #2 1962

Another group shot from San Gabriel in 1963 - Dennis Holding, Jim Fox, Norm Weekly and Ron Rivero. Nice shot of the front end of the Pepmuller chassis.



No.1 Headline


No.1 Clipping


No.1 Race



Pomona 1962

This is the earliest shot in the book. Pomona, 1963


Bakersfield 1962

Another early shot - Bakersfield, 1963


Pomona 1963

Norm Weekly VS Chris Karamesines - Pomona, 1963
Dave Shipman Photo



"The Wheelie"

Without question, one of the wildest and most photographed wheelie shots was of Norm Weekly in the "Frantic 4" A/FD against Don Moody in the "Golden Thing" AA/FD at the 1963 Winternationals. This angle was caught by Bill Turney and unfortunately doesn't show Moody who is in an equally wild power wheel stand.
Bill Turney Photo


Pomona Wheelie 1963

Same meet different wheel stand. Here Norm Weekly carries the front end for about 500 feet before settling down to low ET of the race.



Fontana Overhead 1963

A great overhead shot of the Frantic 4 car from Fontana in 1963.


Popular Hot Rodding 1963

From the pages of Popular Hot Rodding in 1963.


Weekly & Fox

Great candid shot of Norm Weekly and engine ace, Jim Fox in 1964.
John Durand Photo



Candid Weekly

Another candid shot of Norm Weekly and Ron Rivero standing behind the Frantic 4 A/FD as it sat on the trailer prior to going to a race in 1962. This is a rare shot with their own engine by Demar Ray.

Car on Trailer



Fontana 7.79 Clipping


Clipping (car details)


Pomona 1963 Clipping


Weekly - Karamesines Clipping


FF - Chizler Color Clipping



Weekly - Garlits Clipping



Pomona Clipping


NHRA Record Holder Clipping


A/FD Record Clipping



Clipping (car stats)


Jim Fox (clipping)



Team Clipping



Cockpit clipping


Kent, WA clipping


200mph mark - clipping


Northwest clipping


Car Craft Cover 1964


from Cars Magazine

From the pages of Cars Magazine in 1963.


Pomona Win clipping


Bakersfield 1963

Norm Weekly (far lane) is off to another victory at the Smokers Meet at Bakersfield in 1963.
Dave Shipman Photo


Bakersfield 1963

Norm Weekly (far lane) pulling way from Zane Schubert at the Smokers Meet at Bakersfield in 1963.
Dave Shipman Photo


Bakersfield 1963

Norm Weekly (far lane) at the Smokers Meet at Bakersfield in 1963.
Dave Shipman Photo


Big Rail Reveiw


Drag News Cover 1963



Drag Racing Magazine Cover 1964



Drag Sport Illustrated Cover


For your viewing pleasure this is broken up into two pages...
"The Frantic 4" - Part 2

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