Part 2



Garlits VS Frantic 4


Race for #1


Pomona Ad



Gotelli - Weekly clipping



Frantic 4 Beat The Greek

Norm Weekly puts the Frantic 4 A/FD out in front to stay as he captures the #1 Fuel Ranking from Chicago invader, Chris Karamesines at Pomona in 1963.


Hotrod Parts Illustrated Cover


Weekly VS Ivo

Looks like Tommy Ivo is out on Norm Weekly at this 1963 match race at Ramona Raceway.


Enderle Ad

Some things never change. As it is now, it was then and the manufactures always used their "stars" in their ads. These could be seen in every thing from Drag News to Hot Rod Magazine.



Engle Ad

Same as above.



Engle Ad

Same as above.



Jocko's Ad

Jocko's Porting Service used a great word play in this ad.


Fontana Ad

Like the manufactures, the local drag strips also featured the cars that were "hot".


Fontana Ad #2



Fontana Win clipping



Kent, WA promo ad

Promo for an upcoming race at Pacific Raceway in Kent, WA - 1963



Lions 1963

Wheels cocked, tires blazing -- Norm Weekly makes a classic "Lions Leave" in 1963.


Lions 1963 color

Rare color shot of the Frantic 4 at Lions in 1963.


FF cruise the pits

Norm Weekly takes a leisurely ride thought the pits at Bakersfield in 1963.



Popular Hot Rodding color overhead

From the pages of Popular Hot Rodding, another incredible overhead shot from Fontana in 1964.



FF with zoomies

A rare shot of this particular Weekly-Rivero-Fox-Holding car with "zoomie" headers. This is Pacific Raceway in 1964.



Thank You ad

Sponsor "Thank You" ads were also common in the 1960's.


Used Car Lot

"Used Car Lot" - Yea, right! This was taken at Airline Auto Sales in 1963 when the team hooked up with Jack Flatley who owned Orange County Metal Processing (OCMP). No clue what the Frantic 4, the OCMP and Airline Auto dragsters were doing on the lot but you can bet they weren't the daily specials.


Just 50 dollars down

"For just $50 down and $25 a month you can drive this beauty home today."



Money from Rackemann? clipping



Phoenix, AZ clipping



Hero Driver - OCMP car

This is obviously a promo photo for the OCMP car. As Dennis Holding tells it... "In late 1963 and early 1964 we operated the OCMP car on a deal in which Fox and Holding maintained the engine for a fee with Norman driving for a percentage of the winnings Jack Flatley who owned the company liked the deal because Madden and Yates had blown up a lot of stuff and we cost him very little. When he tired of racing we returned everything to him and concentrated on getting the Edmison chassis ready for the 64 tour back east. This car was then sold to Val LaPorte in Florida and untimately ended up in the water at the end of Lakeland Dragway."


OCMP - Comin' At Ya

Great head-on shot of Norm Weekly in the OCMP AA/FD.



OCMP at The Beach

Norm Weekly in the OCMP car at Lions in 1963. This was a beautiful cars by anybody's standards and it really flew once the Frantic 4 took it over.



Another Used Car

Here's a few candid shots of the OCMP car taken in 1963 and obviously not at the races.


candid OCMP


OCMP trailer



OCMP - Pomona 1964

Norm Weekly launches the OCMP AA/FD at Pomona in late 1963. Note the front wheels are up but the smoke off the rear tires isn't as thick as the 1963 shots. The tires were getting a little better and some of the guys were finally figuring out how to work the clutches.



OCMP - power wheelie

Another shot of the Frantic 4 running the OCMP car at Pomona in late 1963. A little more smoke in this shot.


OCMP Pomona clipping


OCMP - Ramona clipping

In a period of one week the Frantic 4 captured the #1 1320 Drag News spot with the orange car at Pomona and the #8 with the OCMP car at Ramona.



OCMP smokes 'em at Ramona

OCMP Special - Frantic 4 in control. Great shot of the starting line at Ramona in 1963.


Castle Rock, June 21 1964 Rocky Mountain News -- "The team of Weekly. Rivero, Fox, and Holding of Pomona, Calif. set a Colorado drag race speed record Sunday at Continental Divide Raceways. The Pomona crew set a mark of 185.56 miles per hour with an 8.26 ET, bettering the previous record of 182.78 mph. The Weekly, Rivero, Fox, and Holding team also beat Denver's Nick Colbert in a special two out of three match races. Colbert also broke the old mark with a speed of 183.28 mph. Both cars were powered by Chrysler engines."
News clip from Pete Garamonne

Ron Rivero - 1966

This is by far the latest shot in the book and it had Ron Rivero in the seat. It's take at Riverside in 1966. As Dennis Holding tells it: "This was Woody's (Gilmore) first "built from the ground up" car in the spring of 1964. Fox and Holding fitted it with the streamlined M/R body but never raced it in competition. In 1965, Holding toured this car with George Van and then Ron Goodsell as the driver. Late in 1965, Ron Rivero got out of the Army and began his full-time driving career. This "Woody" car set top speed at the Riverside HRM meet and lost in the finals to Tom McEwen in a VERY controversial starting line red-light. It then toured the East that year as the "K&G Frantic Fueler". The photo history of this car and it's successor are another album in the Rivero family library."


Frantic 4 World Record #2
Second World Record

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