Fan Fire Up



There is no other "Cackle" team that offers the chance for any fan who wants to go through the "suit up" process then sit in a Top Fuel dragster for a fire up. For a reasonable fee, you can experience 2000 horsepower just inches from your face - feel a nitro hemi come to life and vibrate the entire car with every RPM. It's truly a once in a lifetime chance to know why fuel dragsters are the King of the Sport. Here is a photo sequence of Frantic 4 follower Joe Garreau getting his "Fan Fire Up".


Fire up 1

You start out with Norm Weekly helping you suit up into a period correct Simpson firesuit and mask.


Fire up 2


Fire up 3

Once the "driver" is dressed, Norm and Ron Rivero help them into the car.


Fire up 4

Get comfortable as the start up process is rehearsed.


Fire up 5

When you're ready the starter is activated and the fire breathing hemi comes to life.


Fire up 6

Once the engine is fired you're in your own world. For several minutes you can just imagine what it was like to drive this car at 200 in the quarter mile.


Fire up 7

The team monitors the engine temperature and "whacks" the throttle throughout the procedure.


Fire up 8

When the engine gets too hot, the "ride" is over. Gas is poured into the injector as the fuel shut off is pulled. This prevents a backfire.


Fire up 9

Bottom line - you're one happy camper with a very unique memory and photos to prove it! Stop by the Frantic 4 booth and experience it for real!


Frantic Four Fire Up Video #1

Frantic Four Fire Up Video #2

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