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Goodguys 6th West Coast Hot Rod Happinin' at Pomona



Over the weekend of June 27-29, 2003 the Frantic 4 Racing road show knocked 'em dead at the Goodguys 6th West Coast Hot Rod Happinin' at the Pomona Fairplex. Camped in a premier spot for traffic the guys did numerous fire-ups, sold a lot of FF goodies and introduced the masses to Nitro veggies. Needless to say, their sponsors and supporters got extensive exposure at this event.


display 1


display 2


display 3


display 4



Talk about a photo op money can't buy! Without a doubt the most talked about fire-up of the event was when talk show host Mike Reagan (son of Ronald) jumped in the FF fueler. Reagan, and ex-boat racer and diehard race fan was more than willing to experience the thrill of sitting behind the nitro breathing 354 hemi.


Reagan 1

With the help of Norm Weekly and Ron Rivero, Mike climbs in like a pro.


Reagan 2


Reagan 3

Before the fire up Reagan is interviewed by Jim MacMonagle.



Reagan 4

Ear plugs in place, Rivero lites the engine and Reagan goes into the "zone".


Reagan 5



Reagan 6

Ronnie whacks the throttle - Mike is all smiles.


Reagan 7



Nitro Pickles 1

After his experience, Mike just had to buy some of Norm's "Nitro Pickles" and get the teams autograph on a FF photo.


Nitro Pickles 2


Nitro Pickles 3

Mike Reagan and his new favorite snack!


Nitro Pickles

In addition to his famous "Nitro Pickles", this time out Norm had "Nitro Asparagus", "Nitro Broccoli" and "Nitro Carrots".



Frantic Four

Frantic Four: Norm Weekly, Dennis Prater, Mike Reagan and Ron Rivero



As usual, all the old timers stopped by over the weekend including the Purple Gang's Chuck Gobel, Ronnie Rapp and honorary FF member, Dennis Prater.



sign one

The new and improved Frantic 4 display booth now includes these classy signs telling the fans everything (almost) they need to know about the team.


sign two



Paper Work

Norman doing "paper work" - now this is a Kodak moment!



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