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September 30 - October 02, 2005: Once again Greg Sharp, Sam Jackson, Steve Gibbs and the entire NHRA Motorsports Museum staff gave us yet another unforgettable weekend. CHRR 14 was three days of hot weather filled with non stop action and events punctuated with a 49 car Cacklefest on Saturday night. Emotions ran high as old friends were reunited, fallen comrades remembered, legends honored and some incredibly close racing contested. Everyone is way done saying, "It can't get any better than this." Because every year it does. The Frantic 4 Racing Traveling Road Show was on hand with "Stormin Normin", Dennis Prater, Jim Fox and Dennis Holding putting on a great show and having a fun weekend.




Frantic 4 in "The Grove"


Honorary Frantic 4 member Dennis Prater is proud of his "Nitro Crazy" shirt - he earned it.


Parked next to the Frantic 4 fueler was Dennis Prater's Stellings & Hampshire "Red Stamp Special" and both cars drew a lot of attention.



On Friday night the team loaded up for a command appearance at the Comfort Inn Hotel in Bakersfield.


Along with loud music and good food there was NITRO. The FF guys fired up the car for an excited crowd several times including this one with Steve Gibbs in the car.


It was also Norm's birthday - sure looks excited, doesn't he?



The F-4 pit area was a place for racers and fans to congregate and visit out of the sun - and they did.


The F4 display includes some really cool merchandise including T-shirts, photos and the world famous Stormin' Normin' Nitro Pickles and other Nitro veggies.



Jim Fox, Dennis Holding, Dennis Prater and Norm Weekly.


Rod McCarrell visits with Dennis.


Dennis Holding spends a lot of time on the phone... its his job.


At the end of the day Norm does his favorite thing, count money.



Saturday night was all about "Cacklefest". The word alone sparks excitement in the heart of any drag racing fan. Since it was first coined five years ago by Steve Gibbs, this strange word has spread all over the world and spawned dozens of "spin off" events at race tracks big and small. Although you won't find it in any dictionary, Cacklefest has become one of the most alluring words in drag racing vocabulary. Since its inception at the 2000 CHRR, Cacklefest has grown from 9 cars to 50 entries in 2005. Any and all superlatives have long been used to describe this phenomenon so I won't try to make anymore up for this one. Without further ado, here is the Frantic 4 fueler in the fifth and by far largest edition of the "Original Cacklefest".


Before the parade all the cacklecars assembled in the staging lanes.


In order the cars and drivers were introduced and pushed down to the top end in front of a SRO quarter mile audience.



Just like the 60's the cars were push started and the thousands of fans went wild.

After firing up and turning onto the drag strip the cars lined up and ran as long as they could.


When the last car stopped running the crowd was invited to come onto the track and come they did.


Norm and Dennis were there to field questions from the fans.






Over the weekend several fans, including Canadian Ralph Reiter got the thrill of their lives with a now famous "Frantic 4 Fan Fire-up".
Fan Fire Up




All in all it was a great weekend for "the boys" and Stormin' Normin' invites you to stop by their "show" the next time they're at an event near you.



CHRR Fire-up Video Clip

Frantic Four Fire Up Video #1

Frantic Four Fire Up Video #2

Check out a: Frantic 4 Fan Fire Up



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