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The 13th California Hot Rod Reunion was a huge event for the Frantic 4 Racing road show. The highlight of the weekend was the entire team being selected as part of the 2004 event Honorees. They also had a premier spot in the pits for traffic and the guys did numerous fire-ups, sold a lot of FF goodies and introduced the masses to Nitro veggies. Needless to say, their sponsors and supporters got extensive exposure at this event.


Norm Weekly, Ron Rivero, Jim Fox and Dennis Holding



The weekend got off with a bang on Friday for Barbara English (wife of announcer Mike) when she got to sit in the Frantic 4 during a fire-up.





After her adventure, Barb and Mike were all smiles. This was just one of many fan fire-up that took place in the FF pit.


Friday night marked the Award Ceremony for the 2004 CHRR Honorees which included the entire Frantic 4 team.


Norm Weekly, Dennis Holding, Jim Fox and Ron Rivero go back nearly 45 years as a team and its always great for their legends of fans to see them together.


MC Dave McClelland goes over the guys accomplishments for the audience. It was noted that Norman was on his best behavior.



With their "Wally's" front and center in their "compound" the guys prepare for a very busy Saturday (the biggest day of the event).


Frantic 4 Racing has a wide variety of goodies for sale including hats, T-shirts, photos, decals and of course, Stormin' Normin's Nitro Veggies. In addition to his famous "Nitro Pickles", Norm also has "Nitro Asparagus", "Nitro Broccoli" and "Nitro Carrots".


It was noted that Norm's granddaughter was very partial to the Nitro Asparagus.






The weekend was a constant stream of fans and fellow racers. Here Nostalgia Top Fuel driver, Howard Haight visits with Ron Rivero.








Of course the focal point of the FF pit is always the race car.








Here's a few candid shots of fan fire-ups through out the day.






Ron Rivero is always armed with his trusty Polaroid so the fans can carry away a visual memory.



Frantic Four + Tom Ivo


Frantic Four + Joe Schubeck


The two members of the team who actually carry out the Frantic 4 Road Tour are Ron Rivero and Norm Weekly.



Saturday night brought about the part of the show that many came exclusively to see - the "Cacklefest". This year there were 40 restored 60's dragsters participating. Here's Norm in the car and the crew in the truck taking part.








The Awards Ceremony was reenacted Sunday morning at the race track so the fans could enjoy it as well.





After all the events of Saturday, Sunday in the pits was somewhat anticlimactic. A lot of the huge crowd was heading home and the teams had to think about packing up. Norm had time to do some maintenance on the car.


Next pit over, Betty Rivero got to fire up the beautiful Stellings & Hampshire fueler of Dennis Prater. Husband Ron looks on.


Ron and Dennis Holding do see each other but once or twice a year so they catch up on what's going on while they can.


CHRR Fire-up Video Clip


Frantic Four Fire Up Video #1

Frantic Four Fire Up Video #2

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